Manufacturers of driver training simulators in the Netherlands

The Netherlands was one of the first countries in the world where driver training has been supported by driver training simulators. At around the year 2000, these companies worked together to develop driver training simulators for the Dutch automobile club ANWB. At that time the ANWB had the plan to introduce drivinjg simulators in their driver training curriculum and they wanted large medium cost simulators that used an actual car, that was specially prepared for use in a simulator setting, a large dome of projector screens and projectors. A number of companied formed a consortium which consisted of VVCR, Green Dino, TNO in Soesterberg and ST Software.

VVCR acted as project manager and system integrator. TNO offered their knowledge. Green Dino was responsible for the computer graphics and ST Software created the real time simulations and lessons.

During the course of the project, disagreements between the project partners resulted in lawsuits that ended the project. The first problem arose when VVCR started a lawsuit against Green Dino, because Green Dino was accused of not holding their promises and haming VVCR. Green Dino lost and left the consortium and started to make their own driving simulators . They became the most important player in the Dutch market, mainly because they started to cooperate with the BOVAG, a competitor of the ANWB in many respects. After Green Dino left the consortium, TNO took over the role of Green Dino by developing the graphics system in close cooperation with ST Software.

After some time it became obvious that VVCR, did not play their role as project manager in a fair by: they failed to pay the bills for the work done by ST Software. As soon as VVCR was paid by the ANWB, they used the money for other things instead of paying ST Software, which resulted in another lawsuit strated by ST Software against VVCR. The latter organisation was summoned by the court to pay, but then the tarining department of VVCR declared itself bankrupt, and ST Software never got the money.

After that, the consortium fell apart. The owner of VVCR, Andre Rozendom, started a new simulator company called ‘Rozendom technologies‘, and started a new cooperation with the ANWB for whih they hired another IT company to make the simulations.

And that’s how business is done.

Then after some time the founder of ST Software left that company and started a new one: Carnetsoft. Since 2011, Carnetsoft has started to develop their own software and they focus on the low cost training and research market.  So now there are 4 individual driving simulator companies in he Netherlands: Green Dino, Rozendom technologies, ST Software and Carnetsoft.


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